Good post

By: the909trojan

But I don't see the Enfield hire anywhere near the Sark and Helton hires - those were lazy hires in the sense that they where there for the taking, had SC connections he didn't even really have to interview them for criminy sale and they were SC ties to the good days of PC. Nobody would say they were bold hires - they were actually safe hires in many ways.

Enfield was a splashy hire, no SC connections was a young up and comer who would have been snatched up by somebody sooner rather than later. Who would SC ever had to compete with for Helton? Sark had half a foot at least out the door at udub. No real risk in those hires. No outside the box thinking. 


Kiff was a whole different animal. An argument could have been made in favor of the hire and Kiff was an up and comer. We both know how I felt.about the hire and why, but swooping him from Tennessee in some ways was bold. Certainly bolder than looking down the hall and seeing a nice guy like Helton coming down the hall and tossing him the pigskin.

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