Do I think Az. USC. Oregon

By: Java

K ow what’s goi g on? Totally. I think they’ve got it set up in layers. Like an onion. If the head coach had enough direct interaction. Or knowledge of events. Strippers etc then the coach goes And if the head coach has any knowledge the program might face sanctions But since the ad fairly accurately claims ignorance they whole department is spared. It’s like the flood doors on a ship each level has emergency doors and they all mean someone gets locked out and everyone else locked in. I’d youre on a low level and the ship springs a leak the doors shut and you die. Captain and first class passengers survive. So tony bland is there to take the hit. Emfield will Claim to know nothing and Louis freeh and his firm were Called in to make sure usc has their story straight and the flood doors operated as they should. Bland sacrificed. Usc now has someone else to work with the bag men and if they are smart they develop new bag men and are careful because I’m sure they’re being followed by someone
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