USC won't remain at #1...

By: Contrarian

...but things are looking pretty solid right now.  They are going to sign very good players for each of the 5 positions.

...The trick is to find guys good enough to be really productive, of which only a few are one and done players.  I'm fairly sure Mobley will want to stay at least two seasons to play for his dad and then play with his bro who is currently the #1 player in the country in the 2019/20 class.  It's looking to me like the 2020/21 season might be when the Trojans finally crack and stay in the Top 10 for most, if not all, of the season.

USC might have missed out on guys line Manion and Ellis, but both of them are planning on being one-and-done players.  A PG like Sturdivant could potentally be a 4-year starter for the Trojans. 

This class has great building blocks.  

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