After starting 2-5, the Lakers are

By: Java

Now 9-7 and likely to be 10-7 after tomorrow in Cleveland since the 2-13 Cavs just lost Kevin Love.  Agsin.    Stupid contract for he tin man.


Anyway, LA still has a lot to come together, guys to get healthy and all of that.  They are likely a 50 win team here, which I think is probably a 20 game improvement.   Maybe that's optimistic.    But I think it's a very real number that can be hit.


You add in a superstar like a KD or someone elss and this Laker team would be a 55-60 win squad easily.  If so, that's a team that can absolutely compete for a Championship.  Like.  Next year.    


Especdially given that Houston is not getting better.  Paul will continue to break down and they miss Luc Ugga Bugha.   James Harden isn't getting any younger and that game of his will get old fast.  


The Warriors could lose Durant and Thompson.  Maybe not, but that team also has a window.  Might be decent timing for the Lakers.  


Lot of good young teams coming up around this league though.  I am a little surprised Portland took a step back.  I thought they were goign to be lights out.  



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