There is a lot going on in Boston

By: Lexo

it may be a case of too many chiefs and no Indians.

The fans are all over the place about the Celtics struggles.

1. The coach.... has a great reputation for coaching giantkillers. Can he coach a star laden team to expectation. Can he manage egos, and keep them in check?

2. The players.... fell in love with their press clippings, and believe they justhave to show up.

3. Gordon Hayward..... should he have been thrust into the starting lineup when he needed time to get back to basketball, and when his return pretty much disrupted the chemistry of last year's team.

4. The scheme..... too much reliance on three point shots,

5. The product......pretty bad....field goal and three point shooting down across the board.

6. The team spirit.... too many players in contract or development years, and not playing within the team concept but rather playing for their contract.



CBS has to grow a pair and rein in the players otherwise their respective agendas will thwart any chance the team has of meeting the expectations set for them in the rejuvenated east.


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