Ingram and Ball still have value

By: Java

Ingram more than Ball.  The question is, for what?


The Lakers will sign a max guy next year.  Right now it looks like Hart and Kuzma are both keepers from that draft class.  Ingram too but he doesn't fit.  I don't think you can wait 3 years for Le Bron to leave.  Ingram needs to be useful now or next year.  

I am wondering if there's another team that has maybe a mroe traditional 5, 4, or 1 to trade.  If I am LA, Ball is available.  Ingram is available.  And they never should have let Randle walk.  


Where exactly is James playng?  That's part of the problem.  I am thinking ok, James is the 2, Kuzma the 3, and LA needs a 4.  But James is a 4.    A ball centric 4 who is often hanging out on the perimeter lol


So what would LA need?  A spot up shooter like a Kyle Korver Ray Allen type?  A non ball centric PG?  OK, so maybe you shift the Ray Allen type to be a PG on D and a shooting guard on O?  


Ingram will fetch value.  I am guessing LA tries to sign a 2-3-4 in the off season.  Most of the big names play those spots.  Durant, Leonard, Butler.   LA already has two guys in those spots.  That tells me a trade of Ball and Ingram would be intended to go after a 5 or a 1.  But what 5 out there could be traded for that would make an impact?  And what style 1 would they want?


It's very interesting, because the critics said from Day 1 that his roster of LA's doesn't fit and is wrongly put together.  All that and they are still on their way to 50 wins.  



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