Good Lord you've gone off the deep end

By: the909trojan

"Wake up white people?"


I've enjoyed your posts over the years, but what the hell happened to you?


Of all the problems in America today you are worried about a black woman reffing a college game? Tell us how that is an injustice, I suppose she should be driving a mail van around Crenshaw instead?


What are a ref's qualifications anyway? Suck a whistle, understand the rules, run around a little bit, watch the clock, etc. Is it really that difficult to qualify for? I'm guessing several women's games including the wnba are reffed by men. Some of them even straight, non european men.  Might even be a few meskins out there too - I dunno. Is that a problem? Should we worried about that?


Image result for wnba male referee

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