Thank you lonzo ball you little twerp

By: Java

I pay $300 each for two tickets at mid court. Beautiful view. Memphis lakers. Good back and forth game. The problem? Lonzo keeps hoisting 3 balls. Goes 0-7. I mean he’s hitting air. Grazing rim. Not even close. La goes from 4-6 ahead to 6 down instantly. He also stops playing D Memphis goes 8-10 from 3 in the 4th and scores 35 points. Walton kept ya king ball and putting him back in to send the message. Ball also threw a wild cross court pass i to about the 9th row Kid played like he was on drugs Totally ruined me shelling out $600 for the game I do t mind that they lost. I mind that one stupid insignificant little immature twerp was selfish. Didn’t get the message from coach After going 0-5 from 3 and scoring a total of 2 points in 46 minutes the UCLA jackass hoists a 3 with 2-3 min left and lakers down 2. Then next time down court and they are down 5 he jacks another failed air ball 3. Memphis scores again and its an 8 point game. Over. Walton yanks ball. Not soon enough. After. Ball tells reporter “I do what I do. I be gonna shoot da ball and uh uh I got de ball and I shot de ball and I not gonna stop”. What a fantastic product of our educational system. Not only is he basketball stupid he’s just plain stupid too. Down two. Best player on the planet to your side and you’re 0-4. Yeah. Why would you ever give it to lebron? Jack it up ball. Little priss is nothing but a daddy’s boy. Grew up w daddy ball and can’t survie when daddy’s not Co trolling everything. I freaking hate that kid now. Sooner he leaves the better. He totally sucks and if la can still get any value for him they should. Oh Jason hart is infinitely better. And fits better with James out there. Ball doesn’t know what to do without the ball and James is ball centric. As is rondo. And Ingram. So ball just doesn’t fit
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