Good News?

By: Torpedoman

So what are you saying, maybe good news for an at large bid? Hell, our NET is currently @80 and the only way we make the Dance is to win the Pac12 tournament. That's it! We might even miss out on the NIT based on our record this season.  That road game was so typical, go down big early, little comeback but still down @ double digits at the half and trailed from between 5-15 pts throught the game. We just don't have the depth this season to hang a full game vs good teams. UW appears to be the class of the Pac and is probably going to be an 8-9 seed who if lucky wins the first game then loses to the #1 in the 32's.

Then there's the prodigy Porter Jr.... No defense, no boards, no assists, horrible FT's. Kid has a sweet shot when he's open tho.. but most of his game is wandering around on the court looking for the ball to come to him. and he's supposedly a lottery pick? He reminds me of a kid trying to play amongst men.

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