It will be hard to recognize the team..

By: Contrarian

...After all this transpires,...At least for me.

Most of us have been watching this team grow with quite a bit of interest for the last 4 years or so.  Old timers are used to trades.  Bringing in Wilt, Kareem, and Shaq in the past required some roster readments, but never a clean sweep.

Now we have seen....

First Russell (named an All Star today) was given up.  I can see this one.  They needed cap space for Lebron, and had not other options for getting it.

Then Nance and Clarkson were let go in the same fashion (essentially for nothing except cap space)

Then Randle was allowed to leave as a free agent..again..cap space.

Now, the remaining guys Ingram, Ball, Kuz, Zubac...not sure about Hart...might be traded, along with this year's 1st round pick. and maybe others if that is what it takes to fulfill Magic and Pelinka's vision.

That's at least 8 nice young players, who with the exception of Lonzo, had pretty good personalities, who were getting better as they matured, and who the fans were warming up to.

In the near future, the team could consist of Lebron, AD...and a bunch of guys like Richardson, McGee, and Beasley...guys nobody else really wants, but who will fit into the Laker's cap structure, and who Lebron seems to like.  

Oh...and of course, Walton will be sent packing for losing games with a lineup that has made being more than two games over .500 to date this year practically impossible.  He'll be the sacrificial lamb for questionable management decisions and to keep the King happy.

The team might win, but it is a collection of hired guns who were not developed in L.A. and were basically bought and brought in to try to win a championship.

No development of young talent.... nothing of the sort....No real finese by the Laker's front office here.  They are just making Lakers out of Rich Paul's clients who he feels can make more money and garner more fame in L.A. than elsewhere.

It leaves me cold.  It's hard to have warm feelings about a team put together like that.

if it works, most, if not all, will say the ends justified the means.

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