The latest I hear was

By: Java

Kuzma, Ingram AND Ball as well as Stephenson and Rondo plus 2 #1's.


I don't care about Stephenson Rondo or Ball.  Awesome.  See ya.  I am glad they would keep Zubac and Hart.  Presume both would be key players going forward.  I assume they feel Ingram would not be needed as David would play PF.  And I presume they feel Kuzma would have nowhere to play because Davis would bump James to SF and Kuzma would have no place on the court.  


Still, I think that's too much and if you are goign to trade Muzma, I'd like to see them get a top SG or Point.  I also think sacfiricing two #1's is a bad idea because the Lakers have clearly shown an ability to draft well.  They got Kuzma, Hart, Zubac, CLarkson and Nance all at the end of the first round or in the second.  That's remarkably accurate and excellent scouting.  All those guys are worth far more than their draft slots.  So why give up picks when you have shown a propensity for doing well with them?  It's also cheap labor and your future.  Bad bad idea.  


So, me?  Any vet I am fine with.  Mc Gee, Chandler, Pope, Stephenson, Rondo.  Ball?  Even Ingram, who doesn't seem to fit.  I'd hate to dump Hart but would love to keep Kuzma.  Two #1?  No.  A 1 and a 2 in different years?  I'd do that.  


If I could get this guy and keep Kuzma, Zubac, Hart and 1 of those #1's I'd be happy and do it.    If Kuzma later didn't fit then I'd spin him into a lottery pick.  That way LA gets talent and continues to stay young.  Remember, every year your roster gets 15 years older.  I said this when they got rid of Arriza for Artest and I was right.    They got old  Fast.  

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