I have lost faith in Walton

By: BuddyJ

and I like the guy a lot.  It might be that there is no coach capiable of coaching a team with LBJ on it.

I'd move LBJ to the 4.  I'd put in the offense in the hands of Ball or the other guards. 

I;d tell Ingram and LBJ to learn off ball movement and spot up shooting and as to LBJ, to focus on rebounding and defense.

I'd play Zubac 30 minutes a game and with LBJ at the 4 Zubac would become a star.

An offense where someone dribbles accross half court, gives the ball to LBJ and the entire team either clears out of the way or sit their and suck their thumbs as LBJ runs a 1 on 5 offense WILL NEVER be successful, no matter how good LBJ is.

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