Huge win for Lakers last night

By: Java

So nice to see Houston meltdown. Harden not get the little whiny calls he’s used to. I have to say that the theatrics in an nba game are beyond belief. Guys looking like their mom just got shot every time a foul is called. Holding their heads. Eyes wide. Storming up to a ref. You don’t see that in baseball. Or even football. Do that and you’ll get another flag. Or tossed in baseball. Anyway. Little prissy James fouled out and James thought it a travesty. So did his coach who got tossed Then Chris Paul fouled out and he got a T. All of this after Houston blew a 19 point lead to the lakers. Reggie bullock can shoot nicely but he sure can’t defend even a statue. Still. Awesome win. Great win. And like the great win in Boston it is frustrating that the lakers can beat such good teams and then tank In the standings because they regularly lose to the bottom 6 teams in the league. So frustrating. Oh and those two great victories came without Lonzo Ball.
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