Didn't you go there last year?

By: Waldorf

It seemed you mentioned that place in another post a while ago, but perhaps I'm thinking about someone else. 

At any rate, the restaurant has a nice reputation around here, but I've only been there once.  It was quite good, but I can't comment on the entire menu because I only had one meal.  I will say that the menu is extensive, the bar is very nice, and the staff is friendly.  If your clients like meat, they'll be impressed.  Or they sure as hell should be. 

But you're right -- very spendy.  Too rich for my blood in more ways than one.  

If you're driving, make sure you don't leave ANYTHING in your car that someone might consider valuable, even if it's not.  Lots of theft in Minneapolis.  And don't spend any significant time on Hennepin Ave. after about 10 pm, which is when the dirtbags start to come out.  

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