Went to laker game last night. So nice

By: Java

Of le bron on the night he passed Michael Jordan for 4th all time to invite such luminaries as John Williams and Alex Caruso to share the court. I’m not being sarcastic. I paid $500 for two tickets to watch Alex Caruso leap out of rhe G league to be the lakers 2nd leading scorer and rebounder last night. What else. Top 3 scorers in nba history and before this year 4 of the top 5 played w the lakers at one time or another. 3 of them quite a bit. And the top 3 in history all begin with K. That’s what you do when your team is losing by 20 most of the night What else. Oh yeah. Ticketmaster online shuts down their online market place 45 minutes to tip off. Considering they had the best prices? Thanks a lot for telling me that guys. I’m ready to narrow down to tickets while in line and poof. Gone. Stubhub? $126 in fees. For two tickets. Unreal. Oh scalpers know all the prices online They have their phones and apps right there. Interesting marketplace
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