LeBum has finally been exposed

By: PasadenaTrojan

I’m no LeBum expert but I have watched him dozens of time so I do have Some basis here. He’s an average shooter. Not bad. Not Westbrook bad by any stretch. But not Kobe. And far from other great shooters. He’s just not a guy that hits 3/4 threes in a row. Or rarely does he go off from downtown IMO. Now that he’s older he isn’t as explosive or able to play that way More frequently. He gets 10 points on breakaway dunks a game. Not a set offense assasin like Steph or Klay or Durant. Those dudes are shot makers. LeBum also is not an elite passer. Lots of guys can drive and kick outside. A lot. Guys that create easy shots for their teammates in half court game can be counted on one hand. LeBum doesn’t really do that imo. He’s an unselfish player to a degree and does pass a lot. But then again he loves ISO’s and bouncing the ball for 10 seconds. Without another Great player like Kyrie or Wade LeBum looks a lot less GREAT. He’s a unique physical specimen. But he is NOT without flaws to his game. This year and this line up has really exposed it. That and playing in west. LeBum will find someone to blame. He always does. Media will protect him.
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