You guys talk about Kelly...

By: Waldorf if he were irreversible damaged goods, based mostly on his NFL record; he can't be faulted much for a UCLA team last season that had almost no real talent.  And who really gives a shit about the NFL?  Nick Saban sucked in the NFL, didn't he?  So did Lou Holtz.  So did a lot of guys.

It's pretty clear that the NFL is a completely different game than college, so it's a bit premature to throw dirt on Kelly's face.  Yeah, the proof will ultimately be in the pudding, and he may not succeed at UCLA.  But to suggest that he's some sort of has-been who would have worked for free meals just about anywhere, man, that's just stupid.  

If Kelly had expressed an interest in the USC job, hypothetically speaking, you guys would have sung a completely different tune, and you know it.  So cut the bullshit. 

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