They really only won the south division once.

By: Waldorf

That one in 2011 didn't count, IMO, because USC would have gone to the Pac 12 title game had they not been on probation.  Remember 0-50?  I do, unfortunately. 

But Mora did win about 70% of this games his first three seasons, and he did win 29 games in that span and a couple of bowl games against pretty good teams.  Lots of kids to the NFL, too.  The future looked bright, but he shit the bed pretty badly.   Gomer did too, in 2018, we'll see if he rebounds in '19.  Best case scenario for UCLA would be a win over USC, but that USC wins just enough to retain Gomer, and that might mean 9 wins.  But that's gonna be a tall order.  

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