Actually Saban did a decent job under

By: Old Hickory Trojan

some bad circumstances, lousy front office that made a couple of terrible decisions that really f**k'd his teams over...Kelly made his own bad luck...big difference...and I think you under estimate the talent at UCLA...maybe not deep but there was talent...including a few kids USC wanted badly...and that wasn't dirt it was fact and the questions still remain on whether or not Kelly is the guy to lead the Bruins into the national spotlight his luster at Oregon has been tarnished a bit and the questions reamin if he ever could recruit without Nike...look I've been around awhile and have witnessed a lot of UCLA football coaches and hands down imho the best coach I ever saw at UCLA was Dick Vermeil.....that guy was aces...Kelly IMHO is still a question mark and regardless of what the Bruis do this season, he will reamin one to me until he's had three years to get his program in place...and by the way the conference he's coaching in both USC nor UCLA have anything to brag about even if they were to win it unless they can prove it on the big stage...IMHO

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