Very few people are saying that...

By: Contrarian

I happen to totally agree with you, but the press is not taking too many hard shots at Magic.

He did a horrendous job of destroying half of a good young core (Russell, Nance, Clarkson, Randle, Zubac) and getting almost nothing in the return.  He also let Lou Williams for much less than he was worth. Just read an article that said that Jerry West laughed when the Lakers offered him Zubac.  They called him.  Took him about 30 seconds to close the deal.  He couldn't believe their stupidity. Magic had one good performing veteran last year who would have been perfect to play with the Lebron, Brook Lopez. He let him go too, when he could have been re-signed for chump change.  Then he brought in Beasley, Richardson, McGee, and Rondo (and resigned Rich Paul's client Caldwell-Pope), overpaying for most.  Almost none of which fit the type of players who mesh well with Lebronb, and most of which sooner or later become locker room cancers.

I'm glad he is gone, but he's left a big mess for his successor to clean up.  Hope Pelinka follows him out the door.  Have a friend who knows him. The guy is a Machiavellian schemer, and not well liked around the league.



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