The Past and the Future

By: howlinwolf

Past:  Man, Trepagnier could jump, and Scalabrine was a hard-nosed, clutch player which USC could use today.

Future:  Two players who I think will really up their game are Nick R. and Weaver.  Nick worked hard and made consistent progress over his first two plus years and then really tanked in terms of performance and attitude toward the end of last season.  I think this was caused by terrible point guard play and expectations of him as a scorer and a rebounder which weren't reasonable.  I don't think Nick has the bulk to bang with guys who outweigh him by 25-30 pounds.  In fact, USC hasn't had a real banger in a long time.  That has been corrected with the in-coming bigs USC has recruited, and this will allow Nick to have a role he is more comfortible with.  Re Weaver...I'm not sure he really is cut out to be a point guard.  At least, he didn't show it last season.  Shooting guard may be a better fit for him and allow him to up his game.  My biggest concern for the next season is three-point shooting.  I guess we'll see.

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