Is Russell Westbrook the worst MVP of all time?

By: PasadenaTrojan

Crazy right.  Human highlight reel. Averages the triple double for whoel season which I think was 2nd time ever? First time in like forever for sure.

That year his plus minus was 9th in league  at 6.2. Then 5.1 in 2017. 2.5 last year and .98 this year. That is 119th in NBA.

As a shooter its waaaaaayyyyy worse. From linked article below.  In past 5 seasons he has taken 4,512 jumpers (5th most in NBA)

and ranks 69th in FG percentage lolol. This season he is 31.5%. (3rd worst in NBA).  That isnt regressing that is TERRIBLE.

I said it 3-4 years ago. On this Board.  How he should NEVER shoot beyond the foul line and really nevre shoot a 3.  He would be unstoppable and team would be better. The dude knows his weakness and keeps tweeking on his crackpipe.  DUMB.

Very good article and well researched.  Guys with his game usually dont age well.  RW is 31. But does miss the fact that he is worst NBA MVP IMO....





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