Fawkin Walton. Shamefully destroying

By: Torpedoman

the game for personal gratification. I always frown when I find out he's got the telecast. I normally mute the sound when he's in there. This moron was finger scooping PNut butter during the telecast, littering seemingly everywhere near him.. slopped it all over one of the camera lenses and even on his partner.. so then he proceeded to lick it off the f'n lens. Possibly destroying the damn thing. Then adding insult to injury, Ol Kareem mumbles alongside of of him turing what was supposed to be a legit telecast into a total mutual admiration clusterfuck.  When the 2H started there went about 4-5 minutes of game action with almost zero verbal description of play. Total nonsense. I always 'hatefully" lol,  respected Walton's immensely skilled play, but it totally ends there. What a jackass. Then Kareem.. bitching and whining about his mistreatment by UCLA.. There is zero reasons why they should have ever consicered him for a HC.. dumb da dumb dumb!  

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