It was 15 seconds, but still amazing


SC had the ball down 5 with about 30 seconds to go.  Took a couple shots and then there was a scramble.  Utomi stepped out of bounds trying to set up for a 3.  Between 15 and 16 seconds left.


Stanford had to inbound from the side.  Their #1 option to receive the pass fell down; the passer panicked and threw it away.  Anderson made the interception and showed great athleticism redirecting the ball to Mathews in mid-air.  Mathews missed and OO got the tip.


Now there were about 10 seconds left. SC called timeout.  Again, Stanford couldn't inbound the ball, eventually settling for a half-hearted home-run pass that was about 10 feet short.  Mathews intercepted and found Weaver, who, though covered, got off a three-pointer, made it, and was fouled with 7 seconds left.


Only SC game with an ending like this that I can remember is the game at Oregon about 20 years ago when Adam Spanich hit two 3s in the last 2.8 seconds.

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