The NBA has a totally screwed up

By: BuddyJ

attitude about resuming play.

The counnty is on its back.  We are extremely close to economic collapse.  We are extremely close to civll collapse and violence.

WE NEED THE NBA badly.  

We have the progressive fascists on one side who want to collapse the economy and then take over with dictitorial governance.  We have normal people on the other who are willing, with limits to alter their lifestyle to reduce the risk of spreading this virus but they recognize we must resume normal activites.

They owe it to the people to resume league play IMMEDIATELY.  There could be some casualties but they are less likely to get Covid-19 and die that get AIDS and die with their sexual lifestye.  

Whatever it takes resumre play.  Set up in CA/TEXAS/FLORIDA, test test test test and play.  Fan seating could be every other row empty and 2 of ever 3 seats empty to begin with.  

They need to think long term. If the economy and society collapse THEY WILL NOT GET PAID!  Their enormous talents will be wasted.

COME ON NBA take one for the people.  It is your interest to do so.


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