Now that you explain it that

By: Java

Way, maybe makes sense.


We had 4 almost drownings ourselves.  3 w the same boy.  Two on North Shore of Hawaii.  We were young  So were kids.  Apparrently even in summer when all the waves are calm and thy rent to tourists and not surfers, the undertow is still pretty nasty  Especially for a 5 and 6 year old.  Luckily it was a scene where you see something and know what's about to happen and I was already in full sprint by the time it did.  he went under and I was by that time maybe 20 feet out.  I remember say "no, not today, this is NOT happening", and dove head first into that wave.  First thing I snagged was him  Only time I felt like I was talking directly to the devil.    Like I'd stolen life back.


Weirdest thing is.  Next day?  Same excact thing happened  AGAIN  With his younger brother.  THey grew up looking like twins and having same odd experiences.  Like the year one of them had to be casted for either a severe sprain or break from hitting and the younger one broke his left wrist going up for a layout q week later and someone low bridged him.  Both had booked casts on their wrists.  One left, one right.  Only time either had ever been hurt before or since.


So had two drownings prevented in two days.  We never went back there, as you can imagine.  Their mom was a mess.  THe one with 3 drowning near misses ended up as a Marine.  I can only imagine the aquatic stuff they had to go through.



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