Did you see the ESPN game highlights?

By: coachemup!

No, NOT the politics. No, NOT the statements for justice. Just the games...did you see it?

The game highlights were great. Why? Imagine being in a gym with NO crowd noise.

You heard every coach. Every player on the floor. The contact, the effort, the ball on the rim. Watching LBJ bouncing the ball for a free throw...the place was silent. You could hear a pin drop. It was about the game. When the guys made a comment... yelled, cursed, gave instructions, got pissed, grunted...it was great. Watching NBA caliber, HEARING the game with ONLY the "rec league game  noises" and NOT all the extra BS. Very little commentary. Like a bunch of friends playing as hard as they could. Ever play Intramural games in college? It was about the game. Reminded me of Vin Scully's comment when he said "sometime, silence is the best thing." You might be surprised. FWIW I immediatly turned off player interviews because I didn't want the other stuff to spoil that moment.

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