It really isn't treason

By: BuddyJ

it is free speech by a private business and private individuals.

But the NBA, MLF, NFL lost me and if what I read about Nike getting the NCAA to allow politcal statements on college football uniforms is true then so is college football dead to me.


We need to either:

1.  take it like men

2.  whine and cry like we seem to do

3.  fight back by disrupting the NBA, their games, their sponsors and attacking their families and friends like they do to us

4.  fight back in a real sense in that we close my any means their source of money, NIKE, TNT, ESPEN, Disney, and that means molotov cocktails, motars, pepper spray, mass protests, civil disobedience, blocking entrances to businesses and games, disturbing customers,  storming the courts, and worse. ANTIFA does it, why can't we?  BURN BABY BURN!


I think 1 and 2 have proven to be totally ineffective.

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