Where was those retards

By: BuddyJ

Lebron, Seth, Popovich, Rivers, Davis, and Kerr about "change" when Ferguson and Baltimore were burned to the ground? Since they love China why don't they protest college and university discrimination against Asians and India (Indians).  Asians were slaves who built our railroads and made Senator Sheldon Whitehorse rich, the founder of Stanford rich, the Vanderbilts rich and the China opium trade made the Lodges, Roosevelts, Cabots, all rich.

The RNC did at least one thing.  It put the fascists in full on panic mode causing them to use in a purely politicaly way, risking its credibility,  it NBA asset.  The fascists cannot have 30% of African Americans not voting the for more of the same wonderful life the fascists have given thm.

Gots to keep them on the plantation by hate and division.


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