Kareem Abduls Jabbar's Son is Going to Jail

By: PasadenaTrojan

Sad story.  But he's now officially charged with multiple felonies inc. assault with a deadly weapon.  The 28 year old stabbed his 60+ year old neighbor mulitiple times on June 9th in San Clemente.  Dont see how he walks on this one.  Knife wounds were real. Apparently the neighbor told the kid to help his elderly grandmother take out the trash.  Kid didnt take kindly to that.  Man. Tough situation. Neighbor should mind his own business but he has a point.  But grabbing a knife is a punk ass move.

Apparently Kareem is a better player and writer than he is a Father. That scorecard.  5 kids. 1 wife. 3 baby mommas. 


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