Oh wow. Mother of my kids

By: Java

You jogged a memory.  I was new to Redlands, Worked at Pepsi.  Big dinner coming up.  Fortune 500 company.  Cocktails etc.  Needed a date.  She was in the Church college group I was in.  So I thought abouty asking 3-4 girls and that night she was the only one near me.  So I asked her and she said "yeah, I think I am free.  But you need to do me a favor too.  I run this youth group and we are going miniature golfing Saturday and I need some chaperones"


So I did the chaperone thing.  Played mini golf.  Castle Park as I recall in Riverside.  I might be wrong on that.  But I think it was the place.  And she came to the Pepsi dinner.  Was married 21 years and had 4 kids with her.  

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