Java, re Lakers vs Celtics

By: Lexo

I cannot believe your post below about Ainge etc etc.

Ainge is doing a great job with the Celtics, but Celtics fans do believe he can do better. I cannot belileve you think the Lakers are better run because they are not. Lakers are in a good situation because they are in LA. This means they can be poorly run for 10 years and then get the best player in the league come to them because he wants to be in LA, then get the second best player force his way to the Lakers. You know the old saying born on third and acting like you hit a triple? Pu the Lakers in Boston with that poor management and see just how they do.

Tommy, the poster you are thinking about is Poobah, but I do not think he has posted here in a long time.

Ainge has done a great  job, but I agree with Java that at the end of the day SCOREBOARD is what matters, but please do not tell me the Lakers management had ANYTHING to do with LeBron James and AD to the Lakers.

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