Kareem is getting paid to be stuck in the 60's

By: PasadenaTrojan

Thats the only thing I can think of to be this much of a cliche. BTW he writes an article on the negative impact on censorship while advocating for it?  This guy.  Congrats UCLA. He's all yours. Whitlock eviscerates him. kareem thinks he's breaking the color barrier in 2020 lol.  He should've spent more time teaching his spawn how to help his grandmother take out the trash and to not stab a 60 year old neighbor who called him out on it.

His op ed is PURE Trash. Notice his littany list of examples of falling from Grace.  Rudy. Roseanne. James Woods.

Guess he couldnt find room for Epstein, Kevin Spacey, Kathy Griffen, Brian Williams, James Comey and more than two words about Harvey Weinstein. Lolol.

PS That girl in Borat who set up Rudy.  Was NOT portraying or acting like a teenager.  Rudy should sue Karem and Sacha Cohen for defamation and slander.  Yesterday. She's 24.  Looks 30.  Yikes. But know she looks nothing like a 15 year old. See below.

But what do facts matter for the left and their attempts to cancel folks who oppose their BS agenda.








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