First game I saw this year. My impressions

By: Java

Are that Mobley is a really nice smooth tall player that in years past would have really matured nicely in college. He reminds me of joe Barry carroll. I felt arizona had a much better scheme offensively and a great way to continually get to the basket. Not sure why they went away from that. Usc guards were long and that created some problems offensively for the cats. But overall I felt usc had better athletes. Better players. And arizona had a better coach and a better scheme. But man. Arizona got crushed. I mean at one point early they led by 10. And halfway through the first half I still think they were up 8. USC evened it at halftime. Teams traded baskets in the 2nd half for like 8 minutes and then UsC went in a run. Up 10. Then ua climbed within 4 and usc goes on another run the last 5 minutes and lights out for ua Oh that Lithuanian went off. Dang. Who is that guy? Lol
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