That's what I've been trying to say...

By: LA Duck

....but all I get called is a "Petersen hater".  :-)

UW doesn't deserve to be in a national championship playoff game.  I don't know if the pac has been as down as this in maybe 15+ years. 


Psst:  Despite what mandb thinks, yes, I do agree Petersen is a good coach....but he has yet to bring UW a signature win.  (Beating Sou Miss in a bowl is a signature win??  Okay...)

Unless you call slicing through a very, very weak p12 this season and zero OOC competition, a signature accomplishment.  Wins over Stanford, WSU, Utah, Oregon and Colorado don't amount to much as is being reinforced this bowl season.

The best team in the conference that should have won the p12 wasn't in the champ game this year unfortunately:  USC.

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