I don't even know what this means

By: SaltyDawg

UW went 11-1.  Beat everybody but a USC team that played fantastically. 

The Pac-12 is weak, but so are the SEC and the Big 10.  Yes, they have better teams up top, but they're awful from mid-level down, while the Pac-12 is more balanced.  The SEC was the worst it's been in years top to bottom.  Does that make Alabama the worst SEC team to have a #1 seed? 

Stanford and Oregon won some pretty lame Pac-12 seasons as well, as I recall. 

Not sure why people are trying to make UW look bad here. 

Enjoy the games.  If UW gets boatraced, I'm sure you'll all be thrilled.  And we'll see you in 2017. 

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