That's where I disagree...

By: LA Duck

When Chip left, Petersen was never going to come to Oregon.

He even said so himself to Bellotti.  Didn't want to follow him or Chip there.  Was holding out for the UW spot. we go after someone who, like Taggart, likely is going to clean house?

Or do we keep the current staff, promote from within, and roll the dice that they can keep this thing rolling?

I think the right decision was made...sort of.  In hindsight, I would have promoted Aliotti to HC, gotten a new DC and left Helfrich at OC.

But it kept what was in place long enough to win a Heisman, a Rose Bowl and a playoff win against the undefeated national champion team Florida State, and a berth in the championship game.  Would that all have happened under a brand new HC with brand new assistants and likely a new offense?  Don't know.

But the gamble was well worth it to this quack.  Even in hindsight.  I'll take a 4-8 season this year for all for all of that. What pac-12 fan other than perhaps a Trojan would not?

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