Sez you.

By: Waldorf

Look, Spock, some of us are of the opinion that they keep score for a reason. And some of us are of the opinion that teams should be rewarded for winning an overall campaign based on those scores. If not, why keep score?  USC is always the better team on paper. So why not just award them the Rose Bowl trophy at the beginning of the season and spare everyone the trouble?

It's also entirely possible that the Colorado team you saw in the Alamo Bowl would have been a completely different team in the Rose Bowl. And even if they weren't, so what?

  • Maybe if you write the NCAA, they'll change the score of the Alabama-USC game because Darnold really should have been the starter, except that your brain-dead coach was too much of a dumbass to know it. Maybe they'll even put USC in the championship game next Monday as a result. 

Look, you guys won the Rose Bowl. Isn't that enough?

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