Very good save one thing

By: SCSmashmouth

The "incomparable song girls" sadly are no more. That ship sailed long ago with the PC selection committee/person. Oregon has been the standard bearer in that dept for the Pac 12 for the last few years. Otherwise a rather good piece. Oh to be hated again. It won't truly be great until SC wins a NC, something I don't expect to see until post Helton when SC hopefully finally hires a good coach again. Definitely not even close to being sold on the guy as Wonderboy Darnold saved his job. This is the same guy who knew Darnold was the best but stubbornly had Browne starting game 1. The guy who played Stanford by trying to keep the scoring margin down rather than playing to win. The same guy who started Davis over RoJo and so on. At least he seems to have learned not to blow his timeouts early in the game.

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