Clemson Benefactor

By: Conquest2000

this is not a news bulletin but my father in law is a $100 handshake booster at Clemson.  Member of IPTAY he supports the football team and engineeering school.  He endows a scholly for a FB/RB on the football team, also provide athlete educational assistance to that player and 5 rides for their engineering school.  So I have been in Atl seeing the inlaws since xmas day, aside from a 4 dy jaunt to Key west with the wife. 

My father in law was telling me why Clemson is doing so well in the recruiting rich northern burbs of ATL.  Places like Gainesville, Flowery Branch, Dawsonville North Hall, Buford et al.   Well turns out Dabo has been courting the God vote and has become pretty tight with Jentzen Franklin and tele evangelist who does a weekly show from LA but has a HUGE mega church here in Hall COunty.  So big that during the football season, Dabo delivered the sermon at the church just out side of gainesville, ga.  evidently Lake Lanier north belongs to Clemson.  Makes sense because DeShawn Watson is from this area, as are the 4 or 5 guys they have on Buford.  Ironically enough Alabama has also done well in but no where near as good as Clemson.  Want proof, the 2018 #1 rated player is just down I 985 is going to Clemson and they are in play for a couple ol, de and db's.  

This area of Georgia is HEAVY evangelical and Dabo is seen as their great white hope.  I guess many of the would be UGA fans don't like the moral composition of Kirby Smart.  

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