I've been there what.

By: Java

4-5 times? 1984 ucla game. Maybe 86. Definitely 85 rose bowl. 88 rose bowl. 2004 rose bowl. 2006 rose bowl. And Monday. Shoot. I think that's 7. Bench seating sucks. The scoreboards are awful. It's always dark and cold leaving. Climbing over the shuttle lines is awful. Walking across wet muddy grass. Poor golf Course. Tailgating at coliseum much better. Long walk from parsons or metro to stadium. Bathrooms are meh. But there's a really nice rose bowl sign there. Oh. And the field was horrible. Terrible condition. Tunnels are too small. The game day management was awful. The chick I teeevieing people through the game? Who thought of that? That's your entire in game entertainment? That blew chunks. There's more. But I think I've been there often enough to see the changes that have been made over the years And to recognize how little they've changed anything Oh yeah. Been there for a couple calforida games too.
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