Much bigger leap for USC than expected

By: Java

I thought 5 and maybe 6. Felt 5 was optimistic. Interesting to see them knock Ohio state for a loss to the. National champions but not state penn much for the loss to USC. And they didn't knock uw at all for the Bama loss. That's amazing they could have this out this fast. I bet they already had done the poll 3-25 before last night and then just slotted the top 2 based on last night. Never heard of s poll this fast. Congrats to USC. What a turnaround. Kiff and sark sure could recruit. Like many, I fear this is as good as it gets as top talent leaves and us replaced by lesser rated players. We shall see. On the brighter side? Pete carrolls early staffs didn't care about stars. The star system is designed and perpetuated by morons. Carrolls first staffs went and scouted. Found great players that they felt could fit and play. And they were right. Hopefully Heltons staff is doing the same
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