Given the angst at the beginning of the season...

By: scwolf


Are you kidding me? No. 3 in the country in the final poll? Most on this board believed we'd be lucky to stay in the Top 25, while many projected a losing season even. 

No. 3 means we were literally at the doorstep of the NCP. Many will continue to bellyache and cry that we should have played Darnold earlier and make the playoffs, but does anybody believe our D could have stopped Watson or Scarborough? Ultimately, even if we played in the NCP, we probably would have ended up at #3 but without the amazing Rose Bowl game in our record books. 

In hindsight I'm glad things worked out the way they did. Would Ohio State rather have won the Rose Bowl in a lengedary fashion or be a public embarrassment in their loss to Clemson and be forgotten in the  history books? 

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