you bring up a good point about...

By: scwolf

a coach is bad if he doesn't fulfill your perception of what a good coach should be; even when he wins, you find ways to excuse his winning (oh, it's all Darnold). And here he is at No.3 and naysayers are nowhere to be found because they are busy looking for more excuses to denigrate this accomplishment.

Helton is SC's coach for now, so enjoy the ride where possible - if he sucks, then we can him, but as long as he keeps winning even with all the lucky breaks and once in a lifetime players, we should enjoy the ride. Lynn Swann has ZERO loyalty to Helton and I'm certain he looks forward to picking his own coach when the time comes - the leash is short, so I'm not very concerned about Helton being here for an eternity like Hackett (sure felt like it).

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