USC silents

By: Conquest2000

talked to a couple of guys I have over at McKay Center, both have been with the football team for many years not fly by night guys.   Helton and staff very very very confident

Source 1

Lewis, and Jackson are in.  Tufele is probably 50/50 but the staff feels good, so we'll call him in.  Supposedly they have silents from Isiah Palo-Mao (the silent Gerrard Martinez was possibly referring to on Monday in his podcast) Brandon Pili DT and Myron Tag-Amosa (name is too damn long to be hyphenated)

Ironically 247Sports today changed Palo-Mao, Pili and Tag-Amosa to USC commits in their crystal ball thingy today. 

As for the OV in the next couple of weeks, Solomon is visiting for the frequent flier miles.  Kinlaw is looking more and more like a no, too far from home.  Levi Jones the coaches are optimistic but they want him to play inside, and FSU who is the leader now, will keep him outside. the OG McKenzie is porobably in, unless TN snatches him late (Dad went to TN, brother plays there now) Chaisson is a no unless we just wow him and totally blow him away on his OV.  Last two guys I am hearing, OLB Swilling and TE Falo we have shots at both, Swilling we would have to flip from GT.  My friend said Swilling reminds him of Tre Madden, Swilling can also play RB, at 215-220, he would be the bigger back we could use, I an not going to call a 6'0 215 RB a big back by any means but he could push the pile when needed.

Source 2, who is down in the basement so he is really in the know amongst the players.

Was told to expect Greg Johnson as well making that 3 Safeties in this class, so CJ Miller may be the odd man out? Also heard Lockett may not be ready for spring ball and beyond, hip surgery, Plattenburg who I thought was more of a CB is still having ill effects from concussions, though I read he was getting better (medical retirement) and Ykili Ross is possible transfer/quit candidate at this point add to that McQuay, Hawkins graduating and CJ Pollard being a potential bust, unless he can turn it around fast.  Saftey is becoming a need position.  

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