OC Shanahan tried to exit on a high note

By: scwolf

 Why didn't the Falcon OC do the obvious and drain the clock throughout the 2nd half? Because he was trying to show off his skills as an modern day young coach (running the ball is what Rex Ryan and 20 other failed retreads would've done)  before heading to the Rams - likely to ride the wave of excitement that was supposed to welcome his arrival in SF: "49ers welcomes hot young super bowl winning offensive coaching super star...". Like all young people facing early success, he succumbed to hubris.

Kyle Shanahan is deservedly the scapegoat for this loss. Clearly bad offensive playcalling in the second half to seal the game. I know I know, go with what got you there (pass pass pass, and more pass) but wasn't it obvious that Freeman was killing it in the 1st half? Go with the HOT HAND. They could've drained the clock an extra minute if they ran the ball more, even without scoring. It would've left the Pats with no time for that final tying TD.

Great and so appropriate that he's now on his way to the 49ers; what an inauspicious beginning LOL, you couldn't make this stuff up. Even when the Rams select the hottest assistant in the NFL, it turns out to be a slap in the face

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