Hey, Lexo...

By: Waldorf

...regarding that post about Matt Slater below, if you think his talent was wasted at UCLA then you're as full of shit as Papadickless. And that takes some doing.

Slater got his shot at WR and DB at UCLA, and he played some of both. But he was never able to maintain a starting position because there were better guys. But he was the fastest guy on the team, and his strength was special teams, and that is why he was drafted, and that is why he has played nine seasons in the NFL, and that is why he's been awarded first-team All-Pro four times and made six Pro Bowls.

He was first-team All Pac 10, averaging over 28 yards per kickoff return and scoring 3 TDs on kickoffs (tied for most in the nation) as a senior, and he made the S.I. All-American team as a special teams player. If anything, UCLA developed his talent as a gunner and a return specialist so that the NFL scouts could see what he could do. Guess what? They did. 

He has caught a total of one pass at New England and played a total of 3 games at saftey in nine seasons, and he played safety only because the two-deep was hurting. He wasn't going to be a WR or a DB in the NFL regardless, and that is not why he was drafted. UCLA gave him his shot and he ran with it, no pun intended. 

Don't be a hater or a dickhead. Leave that to the shitbirds on this site who don't know what the fuck they're talking about, and there are plenty of those. 


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