So chip kelly is going to consult SC's O.

By: San Clemente

That's nice. Smark guy.  Biding time until he gets the head coaching gig he wants.  A lot of Darnold's success is because he's unpredictable.  Not sure what Kelly adds to that.  


But the problem with this team is , has been and will be DEFENSE since Darnold overcame Gomer Helfish's decision to go with Browne for a disaster start to last season.


USC's total defense is ranked a pitiful  36th.  Linebacker play sucked.  No immediate help in this recruiting class.  Adoree Jackons is gone.  Is it so much to ask that maybe Rex Ryan consult and teach Clancy how not to give up 7 td's in a row. Like Kelly,  He's not doing anything either.  And this is where the team actually needs some help.  Bet he can recruit too. Oh, and jeff fisher isn't doing anything either, and he lives about 25 minutes from campus.  Maybe he can help out with the pathetic secondary.   sc 

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