Per the rumor mill.

By: San Clemente

Lynn Swann not impressed with Gomer Helton or his coaching staff and is looking for FIRST opportunity to make a change. He does not believe this staff or it's leadership has the ability to bring USC back to a championship level which is his goal, not backing into a second tier bowl on the back of a freshman phenom.  


And that change will be a first tier proven coach and staff. The best money can buy.  Only Darnold prevented this from happening last year. 


This is what the meant by "if usc were back, we would have played on saturday."  ie the playoffs. 


Don't expect much financial support to improve the current situation.  Gomer has to sink or swim with what he has.  He's an ACL away from this being his last season.


Remember I don't start rumors, I just spread them. sc 

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