USC is not cheap on athletics

By: USC66

Of all the criticisms of USC on this board and some of them are justified, this criticism that USC is going cheap on athletics and the proof is they let Robinson go to LSU over money, and then the rumor that if the NCAA adds a 10th assistent in football, USC won't hire one because they are cheap, this is the dumbest criticism of all. It flies in the face of the facts. No school has spent as much money on athletics in the last 20 years as USC had spent. 20 years ago, our facilities were the worst of any BCS school and now they are among the finest. The crown jewels of this facility rebuild are the Galen Center and next door practice facility, $140-150 million. the McKay Center, $75million, the Utengsu Swim Center, $15million, the track and field facility, $10Million.  USC has also added at least $50million to the USC sports endwoment making it second only to Stanford, in financing scholarships. ABout 2/3s of all USC athletic scholarships are endowed with the goal of endowing all of them. USC is making investments and decisions for the athetic department that will positviely affect the viability of USC athletics well into the future.  USC is also endowing coaching positions.  When Pat Haden hired Andy Enfield as basketball coach he increased the money available to hire two top assistants, in Hart and Bland. Hardly USC being cheap. that has paid divbidents for those who follow USC basketball. Enfield took over the worst high major basketball team and in three years had them in the tourney and this yerars team with no seniors is 21-5.  USC gave Enfield a raise for the quick success he had in improving the basketball teams fortunes. As for the silly runmors that  Lynn Swann doesnt like Helton and is going to undermine him, you have to believe that Swann is a low character machiavbelian type ad. and he is not. And I havent even mentioned the money we are going to spend on the Coliseum.

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